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Your A. List New Year's Roundup

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AskMen A. List // december 30, 2010
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The Top 10 Places To Be On New Year's
Why? Because it's that time again.
Sure, you could celebrate New Year's Eve with a small group of friends at your local, as many claim to prefer -- but where's the celebration in that?

Where's the only-night-this-could-happen, where's the buzz? The answer, of course, is that it's in Central London with the lights and the ladies and the music -- and you should really be there too.

After all, there will never be another 2010 -- so get out there and see it off in style.

N. Clarke, A. List London Correspondent

Read on for AskMen's guide to New Year's in the capital.

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The OnLive Game System
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Last Weeks Top Pick
   restaurant of the week
11 Park Walk
Why? Because it's more interesting than its name implies.
Times are a-changin’ over at Fulham Road, where fancy French restaurant Aubergine (Gordon Ramsay’s former training ground) has now become 11 Park Walk. Despite its highly unoriginal new name -- it’s located at 11 Park Walk, duh -- the restaurant has reinvented itself with inspiring Italian fare and clean, contemporary interiors. Expect a mouthwatering menu of original pasta dishes such as saffron pappardelle with pig’s cheek, washed down with the best regional wines. The perfect place to drop by in your lunch hour

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11 Park Walk
11 Park Walk
PHONE: 020 7352 3449
SITE: atozrestaurants.com/11parkwalk

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