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The Top 10 L.A. New Year's Eve Events

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AskMen A. List // december 30, 2010
top 10
Your A. List New Year's Eve Roundup
Why? Because this is no time for a few quiet drinks.
Not all New Year’s Eve parties are created equal. And in a city as big as Los Angeles, why would you want to waste the biggest night of the year at just one? You’ll want to check out a few places to really make the night one for the books and to find that perfect crowd to party with into 2011.

So we’ve pulled together a healthy mix of parties to hit – from the big and the small to the chic and the odd -- while savoring those last hours of 2010.

Don’t forget to carry plenty of extra bills to pass to the doorman (or doorwoman) and bartender for special treatment. And, of course, make sure you’re somewhere by midnight.

Read on for the full list.

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Last Weeks Top Pick
Doomie’s Home Cookin’
Why? Soy meat will surprise you.
A vegan restaurant on Vine? What’s Hollywood coming to? We actually welcome it. Considering you’ll be overeating this holiday season, you might as well stuff yourself with something that won’t induce a heart attack. (Most of the food stands in the area serve grub that will.) Doomie’s left its Chinatown site to bring tourists and locals alike American favorites such as burgers, Philly cheesesteak and fried chicken -- vegan style. Wouldn’t (fake) chicken noodle soup hit the spot right now?

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Doomie’s Home Cookin’
1253 N. Vine St. #9, Hollywood
PHONE: 714-883-7657
SITE: twitter.com/doomies

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