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Your A. List New Year's Eve Guide

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AskMen A. List // december 30, 2010
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The 10 Best New Year's Parties In Vegas
Why? Because now is not the time for half measures.
So you're in Las Vegas for New Year's Eve. You're spending the craziest night of the year in the craziest city in America, so you'd better make sure you don't go home with memories of a dismissive stripper and a few desultory tugs at the nickel slot (that's not a double entendre, by the way, though we admit it really sounds like one).

Do it right this time. Head out to one of our top 10 Vegas New Year's Eve events and return home without any memories at all. (Wait -- did that come out right? Should we really be recommending this sort of thing?)

Read on for AskMen's guide to the Top 10: New Year's Eve events in Las Vegas.

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Last Weeks Top Pick
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Blue Martini Lounge
Why? Because sometimes egg nog isn't enough.
Small delectable dishes and large exotic drinks are what the Blue Martini Lounge has made its reputation on. What sets the Blue Martini Lounge apart from other bars is its exquisite Martini Menu, as well as its attention to high quality spirits. Inebriating masterpieces like Cookies And Cream -- Three Olives Vanilla Vodka, chocolate liqueur and cream, served in a cookie-crumb-rimmed martini glass with an Oreo cookie -- there is no end to the creativity and tasting delights. You have to ask yourself: “What would Bond do?”

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Blue Martini Lounge
6593 Las Vegas Blvd. S. #B-214
PHONE: 702-949-2583

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