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Think Hard: What Are You Doing For New Years?

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AskMen A. List // december 30, 2010
Galactica Party At Think Tank
Why? Because you can cross off two resolutions in one night.
Seeking out new music and finding new bars to hang out in should top your list of nightlife priorities for the coming year. This party from the people behind the Together electronic music festival will help you with both.

You'll dance to some of the city's premiere DJ talent like Nathanael Bluhm (also of Boston's best band Mystery Roar) and DJ Volvox (of the always on-point Make It New night at Middlesex). Kendall Square’s Think Tank should be a revelation in and of itself: this relatively new, sleek-but-cozy lounge-“bistroteque” hybrid should become a regular in your 2011 rotation. Now you just need to follow through on giving up all those French fries and you're good to go. (December 31st; $26.99)

Think Tank
1A Kendall Square, Cambridge
PHONE: 617-500-3031
SITE: www.thinktankcambridge.com

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The OnLive Game System
Few gaming systems have created as much buzz in as little time as OnLive. A brilliant, petite, inexpensive gadget that allows you to stream an ever-growing library of the gaming industry’s hottest titles directly to your TV, the OnLive Game System also holds the record for the easiest setup in history: 1) Take it out of the box; 2) Plug it in; and 3) Play. Featuring amazing multiplayer functionality -- as well as the option of pausing your game and playing it again from anywhere you want -- the OnLive Game System has the potential to become a must-own product for casual and hardcore gamers alike. Check it out.
Last Weeks Top Pick

Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar
Why? Because there's a lot you don't know about tequila.
Tequila: it's not just about puking anymore. Now that you're a sophisticated gentleman of the world you need to figure this spirit out. A good place to start is this brand new Back Bay spot. There are 200 tequilas to choose from -- including many anejos that are as elegant as an aged scotch and entirely drinkable on their own, so if I catch any of you guys drinking some ubiquitous name-brand swill here we're going to have words. Just tell the wife you're going to the Lolita Bar. That won't sound weird.

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Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar
271 Dartmouth St., Boston
PHONE: 617-369-5609
SITE: www.lolitaboston.com
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