Minggu, 16 November 2008

Read RSS Feeds on mobile phone with Newsgator Go!

Newsgator Go! Is a free RSS reader for mobile phone. It is certain that if you are a frequent internet user then you must have subscribed to various feeds, RSS and accessing them or keeping a track of them is not easy as you may not get internet access everywhere but Newsgator Go! has the solution to this problem by providing all your RSS to your mobile phone.

Features of Newsgator Go:
1. With Newsgator Go! you can get all you RSS feeds, news and information right at the screens of your mobile phone on the go.
2. If you have a windows mobile device you can also play the video and audio over mobile internet.
3. Newsgator Go! also provides its own products with which you can synchronise.
4. All the news and the information it fully optimized to be displayed on the mobile screens and also care is taken by Newsgator Go! that you do not end up using too much bandwidth.
5. Newsgator Go! mobile application is also very easy to use and understand and whats good is that you can operate it with just your one hand.

So download Newsgator Go! and keep yourself updated always with its automatic synchronisation feature. There is much more to Newsgator Go! than what is written above, so download the application and know it yourself.
Download Newsgator Go!
Supported phones: Blackberry, Java Mobile Smartphone, PDA and Windows Mobile Smartphones.

Protect your sms, emails on mobile with SafeTxT

Mobile phones are increasingly becoming integral parts of lives and there is hardly any domain that you can think which has not been touched by mobile phones. Consequently the mobile phones are bound to contain you r personal data and it is very certain that you would not like others to interfere with your privacy. SafeTxT is made to secure your entire phone including sms, emails, contacts etc.

Feature of SafeTxT include:
1. SafeTxT enables you to send and receive encrypted messages and hence provides security to your messages.
2. You can also protect you contact details by using the encryption feature of SafeTxT with which you can encrypt your contact details.
3. SafeTxT provides additional security by providing the option of protecting application with a password. You can protect your notes and information with a password key.
4. SafeTxT uses a very powerful encryption algorithm called dual AES+RC4 encryption algorithm which is said to have security levels according to military standards.There are many features which you will come across once you start using this application. So download safetxt and keep your personal life different from professional life.
Download SafeTxT
Supported phones: all Symbian OS phones.

Kamis, 19 Juni 2008

SWAT Elite Troops

S.W.A.T., Elite Troops: Experience the intensity and stress of the Special Weapons and Tactics! The most authentic and realistic third-person combat tactical shooter on mobile. Lead a team of 3 highly trained officers on 15 crisis situations to safely rescue hostages while subduing and eliminating enemies utilizing authentic S.W.A.T.combat tactics; all the while uncovering a realistic and immersive plot. As S.W.A.T.leader, it is up to you to lead your team through each mission and not only survive, but minimize hostage as well as, enemy casualties. Save the world from terror!

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008

The undisputed king of football video games has finally arrived on mobile. Pick your favourite team from over 100 officially licensed squads and take on the greatest clubs and nations in world football. Play in up to 15 professional league and cup competitions in the game endorsed by some of the world's biggest soccer stars, including Cristiano Ronaldo and Michael Owen. Pro Evolution Soccer let's you play football your way with a unique one button control system perfected for mobile gaming. Defeat the opposition with a flowing short pass game, long up-field passes with pin-point accuracy or stunning attacking dribbles towards your opponent's goal. Featuring superb graphics and animation, accurate ball physics and incredible game play, Pro Evolution Soccer is the most playable and realistic football experience ever seen on mobile.

The use of real player names and likenesses is authorised by FIFPro and its member associations. Officially licensed by Czech National Football Association. All other copyrights or trademarks are the property of their respective owners and are used under license. Developed and published by Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH. Distributed in EMEA & Oceania by Glu Mobile Ltd. (c) 2007 Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd

Lego Escape

Help your LEGO worker escape the trench by constructing a tower of LEGO bricks as they fall from the sky. Overcome a variety of obstacles including bombs and flying robots and collect special power-ups to assist your efforts.

Make sure your building is structurally sound or it will collapse underneath your worker, forcing you to rebuild before time runs out! With in-game achievements, 15 levels and three difficulty settings, LEGO Escape is brick-solid, addictive fun!

Kiloo menghadirkan sebuah game yang mengandung unsur lego dan tetris, yaitu Lego escape . namun sayang, Lego escape gagal menangkap keajaiban inspirasi yang dilahirkan oleh lego.

Inde dasar dari permainan ini adalah pengkombinasian dari model tetris lama dengan platform dua dimensi tradisional dan meskipun pemikirannya cemerlang secara teori dan memiliki style khusus, kenyataan game ini kurang intuitif dan cenderung repetitif.

Dalam lego escape ini anda bermain sebagai legoman klasik. Dengan menggunakan kontrol direksional yang sederhana, anda bisa meloncat dan berlari. Sebagai tokoh utama anda diceritakan tersesat di bagian bawah sebauh ruangan ala tetris. Akhirnya satu-satunya jalan untuk kembali ke atas adalah dengan menyusun menara yang kuat dengan bata atau kotak yang jatuh dari atas, kemudian mendakinya sebagai jalan meloloskan diri.

Rotasi atau perubahan dari kotak terbatas, tapi anda bisa mengabaikan kotak atau lego yang terjatuh, dan membiarkan nya jatuh kebwah dan menghilang bila ada bentuk yang tidak cocok. Strategi di game ini adalah dengan membuat menara yang kokoh dan kuat dan tidak akan jatuh karna berat badan sang tokoh.

meskipun tak sesuai dengan namanya yang menunjukkan lego tetapi malah lebih mengandung unsur tetris, walau mengecewakan tetapi ini cukup atraktif, walaupun bisa di bilang membosankan dan mempunyai nilai pas pas an, namun bisa mengobati sedikit kerinduan kita terhadap permainan tetris di masa kecil yang hanya berwarna monocrome menjadi warna warni dan dengan konsep yang berbeda.

Lego escape dapat di download di sini