Minggu, 16 November 2008

Protect your sms, emails on mobile with SafeTxT

Mobile phones are increasingly becoming integral parts of lives and there is hardly any domain that you can think which has not been touched by mobile phones. Consequently the mobile phones are bound to contain you r personal data and it is very certain that you would not like others to interfere with your privacy. SafeTxT is made to secure your entire phone including sms, emails, contacts etc.

Feature of SafeTxT include:
1. SafeTxT enables you to send and receive encrypted messages and hence provides security to your messages.
2. You can also protect you contact details by using the encryption feature of SafeTxT with which you can encrypt your contact details.
3. SafeTxT provides additional security by providing the option of protecting application with a password. You can protect your notes and information with a password key.
4. SafeTxT uses a very powerful encryption algorithm called dual AES+RC4 encryption algorithm which is said to have security levels according to military standards.There are many features which you will come across once you start using this application. So download safetxt and keep your personal life different from professional life.
Download SafeTxT
Supported phones: all Symbian OS phones.

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