Minggu, 16 November 2008

Read RSS Feeds on mobile phone with Newsgator Go!

Newsgator Go! Is a free RSS reader for mobile phone. It is certain that if you are a frequent internet user then you must have subscribed to various feeds, RSS and accessing them or keeping a track of them is not easy as you may not get internet access everywhere but Newsgator Go! has the solution to this problem by providing all your RSS to your mobile phone.

Features of Newsgator Go:
1. With Newsgator Go! you can get all you RSS feeds, news and information right at the screens of your mobile phone on the go.
2. If you have a windows mobile device you can also play the video and audio over mobile internet.
3. Newsgator Go! also provides its own products with which you can synchronise.
4. All the news and the information it fully optimized to be displayed on the mobile screens and also care is taken by Newsgator Go! that you do not end up using too much bandwidth.
5. Newsgator Go! mobile application is also very easy to use and understand and whats good is that you can operate it with just your one hand.

So download Newsgator Go! and keep yourself updated always with its automatic synchronisation feature. There is much more to Newsgator Go! than what is written above, so download the application and know it yourself.
Download Newsgator Go!
Supported phones: Blackberry, Java Mobile Smartphone, PDA and Windows Mobile Smartphones.

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